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December 26th

Reflection by The Wecker Family

December 26th

Reflection by The Wecker Family

Sunday Reflection

This Sunday’s Reflection comes from our close friends, The Wecker Family. Spend some time reading and meditating on what it means to help others from afar, without fanfare or attention, simply out of the overflow of love in your heart.


Read Below and Reflect

Being a Guardian Angel

Our family has been involved with Sarah’s House for many years—in particular, with the child care center and all that they do. Charles Wecker, who is no longer with us, was particularly attached to making sure that the kids were looked after and loved. Our dad came from a childhood of need and when he became able to support others, he chose Sarah’s House to express that love. Our family followed suit and we have worked in tandem with the staff to supply things like baskets at Easter, equipment for the kids to attend summer camp, crafts and child care supplies at Christmas, gifts for mothers on Mother’s Day, and arts and crafts galore so that the kids could feel as “normal” as they could, given their circumstances. As many of us are in the restaurant business, we have the opportunity to send cases of food and items to supplement the menu with items that aren’t supplied by those who donate meals. Our family, inspired by Charlie and his leadership, have been really touched by the kids and what they are going through. They are a huge part of our lives and our giving.

Sometimes we are asked about why we support Sarah’s House even knowing we will never really get to interact on a one-to-one basis with the children, but we are in the background trying to make sure that they have a happy life, in spite of the hand that they have been dealt. In truth, we look at our role as that of guardian angels. We are blessed and we believe that we have been put here on earth to bless others. Other than Clarence, the guardian angel to George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” most guardian angels are unnamed and unnoticed. Our role is to love from afar, to do whatever we can to help and protect, and to show the love of God to those who are in need. There is a beauty in helping others who may never know your name, in giving because someone else is in need, and as Charlie Wecker would say, in showing up because someone needed help. Over the years, more than 15 and counting, we have supplied crafts and supplies to many children who have moved on and hopefully are growing up and living their true potential. And we all hope and pray that what we are able to do played a part in that process.

It’s the season of giving and we are very aware of the need around the area as well as around the world. Charlie could not stand the thought of a child waking up Christmas morning without a gift, because he believed that “Christmas is for kids!” We will do our best to make sure that Dad’s beliefs are honored.

But we also remember that the need is an all-year thing. And as a guardian angel, there are no vacations, no days off, and you don’t get to call in sick. We believe that when the call goes out for help, it is our job to answer. Our heavenly Father looks out for us, and though we don’t know what my guardian angel looks like, we are thankful that they are there to take care of us.

We would encourage everyone to take the role of a guardian angel for someone in need. Even someone you may never meet. Several years ago, our family decided that we needed nothing in the way of gifts and we challenged each other to raise $3,000 to fund the building of a well in Africa so that families and children would have clean drinking water. Today, children who I will probably never meet are drinking clean water in a country thousands of miles away.

One of us spoke at a dinner recently and reminded the audience of the current situation in the world of political unrest and anger. It closed by saying that we believe that if we all started taking a little better care of each other, instead of pointing out each other’s shortcomings, we’d be a whole lot better off as a world and a nation.

Become a guardian angel to someone… It’s the only way to fly!

-The Weckers