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December 9th

City College Alumni Master Chorale

Awake the trumpet!

Handel and harmony will fill your home with this spirited and soulful performance from The City College Alumni Master Chorale and Mr. Donald Dawson!

The virtual curtain goes up at 7 p.m.!

In 2015, Baltimore City College Alumni Choir members joined forces for a reunion choir concert. Since then, the alumni choir has presented concerts with an emphasis on hymnody, a concert celebrating the music of Baltimore composers and served as the core group, with other community singers, for a project with Maestra Marin Alsop and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. It is with great pleasure that Linda R. Hall, former director of The Baltimore City College Choir, presents the next chapter of excellence in musicianship.

The Master Chorale consists primarily of alumni members of the City College Choir who studied under the tutelage of Linda R. Hall, but is open to any alumni member, as well as those with a passion for choral artistry. With an ensemble of graduates from as far back as the 1980s, The Master Chorale encompasses an abundance of skills, talents and musical abilities, which have only been enhanced over the years by professional training and practical experience.

During their respective eras in the BCC Choir, many of the members of The Master Chorale were afforded opportunities to travel all over the nation and the world, sharing the priceless gift of music with fans and musicians alike. France, Italy and Spain were graced with the voices of the City College Choir, as well as stages across the United States, the White House and New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall.

City College is extremely grateful that these young professionals, many with aspiring careers of their own, have contributed to several virtual choir videos during the pandemic and have shared their voices with Gallagher Services and Catholic Charities for A Gift of Comfort and Joy.

Continuing the Legacy! Fulfilling the Purpose!


Donald Dawson has accepted supports from Catholic Charities’ Gallagher Services for many years, and has previously wowed and stunned audiences singing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians for Gallagher Fest and other Christmas performances dating back to 1997.